Navigating Tacloban City: An Overview of the Local Government and Policies, Plus How CITI Tacloban Rent-A-Car Can Help You Get Around

If you're planning to visit Tacloban City, Leyte, it's important to familiarize yourself with the local government and its policies. Understanding the city's political landscape and the people in charge can help you navigate your way around the city and make your stay more enjoyable. In this article, we'll provide you with some information about the local government of Tacloban City, including the current mayor, city council members, and local policies. Plus, we'll show you how CITI Tacloban Rent-A-Car can help you get around the city conveniently and affordably.

Current Mayor of Tacloban City

The current mayor of Tacloban City is Hon. Alfred S. Romualdez, who has been in office since 2016. Romualdez is a lawyer by profession and has held various positions in government, including as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives. As mayor, he has prioritized improving the city's infrastructure and providing better services to its residents.

City Council Members

The city council of Tacloban City is composed of 10 members, each representing a different district. The current council members are as follows:

Local Policies

As with any city, Tacloban City has its own set of local policies that visitors should be aware of. Some of the most important policies include:

Getting Around with CITI Tacloban Rent-A-Car

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In Conclusion

Familiarizing yourself with the local government and policies of Tacloban City can help you have a smoother and more enjoyable trip. With Hon. Alfred S. Romualdez as mayor and a dedicated city council, Tacloban City is committed to providing better services and infrastructure for its residents and visitors alike. And with CITI Tacloban Rent-A-Car, you can explore the city with ease and convenience.